Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Return to Portugal

I have now journeyed back home to Portugal. I have brought with me the good news of the discoveries of the new islands Porto Santo and Madeira. I delivered the good news to Prince Henry the Navigator who was delighted by my findings. He rewarded my crew and I and announced that we had found new islands for the country of Portugal. I have now located these islands to be in the Atlantic Ocean West of Africa. Prince Henry the Navigator was so delighted by my glorious discoveries that he asked me and more men to return to the islands and colonize them. We are to return to Madeira and Porto Santo to colonize as well as cultivate the land. I have told Prince Henry the Navigator about the wonderful forests on the island of Madeira. I look forward to returning to my discoveries and colonizing and cultivating them. Prince Henry has awarded me leader of half of the island of Madeira.

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