Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Accidental Discovery

We have been at sea for quite a long time now and some of my men have been getting ill. Many days ago we lost sight of the other ships. It seems as though the powerful winds have blown our ship off of our original course and into a different direction. Our new path has led us into some islands. I have docked our boat on the smaller of the two islands and named it Porto Santo which means Saviour Port. I have named it Porto Santo because it has saved us from sea and violent storms. We have not spotted any other man on this island, therefore I have claimed this land in the name of Portugal and King John I. There are many large forest on the other island which I have named Madeira. These forest can supply wood to our country. We shall return to Portugal and spread the word of these two newly found islands to Prince Henry the Navigator. I feel that my crew and I will be rewarded for our new discovery. We shall leave these islands and return to Portugal as soon as we have explored the remainder of the forests and land.

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